I am an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Occidental College in Los Angeles, CA. Before arriving at Oxy in Fall 2020, I was an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Mount Saint Mary’s University, Los Angeles (2015-2020). Before that, I was a Resident Scholar at UC MEXUS (2014-2015). And before that, a Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Latin American Studies at The College of William & Mary (2009-2014). I earned my Ph.D. in Philosophy from UC Riverside in 2012 with a dissertation titled The Virtues of Silence: An Ethical Reading of Socrates, Kierkegaard, and Wittgenstein.

I specialize in Mexican Philosophy, Latin American philosophy, and existentialism, and work on a number of related topics and applied issues, such as the philosophy of race and ethnicity. I am also interested in the philosophy of food. 

At home, I specialize in baking bread, pizza, or any other combination of whole grains and my sourdough starter. 

You can reach me at rsanchez2@oxy.edu