In 2020, I finally returned home to Eagle Rock, CA, as an Associate Professor of Philosophy. (I went to Eagle Rock Elementary and Eagle Rock High School!) Before coming to Oxy, I taught at Mount Saint Mary's University, Los Angeles (2015-2020), UC Riverside (2015), and the College of William and Mary (2009-2014).

One of my primary aims as a teacher is to diversify my syllabi with historically marginalized voices. For example, when I teach "American Philosophy" with a broad understanding of "America." So we'll read Samuel Ramos alongside Emerson, or W.E.B. Du Bois alongside Dewey, in order to cultivate a sense of the plurality of issues and methods that have exercised philosophers across the Americas. 

I am a Visiting Associate Professor in the philosophy department at UCLA (2024). I am teaching a seminar on Mexican humanism, a survey course on Mexican philosophy, and a course on Latinx philosophy. 

At Oxy, I teach courses on Mexican and Latinx philosophy, Kierkegaard, the philosophy of food, and informal logic. 

At the Mount, I taught existentialism, American philosophy, Social and Political philosophy, Greek philosophy, Philosophy through Popular Culture, and Critical Thinking. 

I also helped to establish the Ethnic Studies Program.

After returning to UCR in 2015, I taught a sophmore/junior seminar on Mexican philosophy (which might just be the first time Mexican philosophy was taught at a UC) and contemporary moral issues. As a graduate student (pre-2009), I taught existentialism, a course on the conquest of Mexico, and critical thinking. 

At WM, where i was also affiliated with the Latin American Studies program, I taught 20th Century Mexican Philosophy, Latin American Philosophy, The Ethics of Immigration, Introduction to Latin American Studies, Immigration and Border Studies, Early Analytic Philosophy, Greek Philosophy, Contemporary Moral Issues, Symbolic Logic, Introduction to Philosophy, and a Freshman Seminar on Latin American Philosophy.