My primary area of research is Mexican and Latin American philosophy, with an emphasis on existentialism. I am also interested in comparative philosophy - diversifying the canon - and the philosophy of culture more generally.

I edited Latin American and Latinx Philosophy: A Collaborative Introduction (2019), a beginner’s guide to canonical texts in Latin American and Latinx philosophy, and co-edited Mexican Philosophy in the 20th Century: Essential Readings (2017), which is the inaugural volume in Oxford New Histories of Philosophy Series.

I am in the early stages of writing a monograph on the philosophy of the Spanish philosopher José Ortega y Gasset and his influence in Latin American and Latinx philosophy.

With Neal Tognazzini, I am working on a 3rd edition of Larry Wright's Critical Thinking, which provides a powerful alternative to standard approaches to critical thinking.

With Carlos Alberto Sánchez, I host a blog on Mexican philosophy, which is the precursor to our forthcoming Journal of Mexican Philospohy.

I have also written a few shorter pieces on Latin American Philosophy:

Strengthening the Case for Latin American Philosophy: Beyond Cultural Resources” (2014)

The Process of Defining Latino/a Philosophy” (2013)

My review of James Maffie's Aztec Philosophy: Understanding a World in Motion (2014)

My review of Carlos Alberto Sánchez's The Suspensions of Seriousness: On the Phenomenology of Jorge Portilla (2014)